Covid 19 Response

Angelfish COVID-19 Response

The team at Angelfish remain dedicated to helping our clients during this difficult time and are working hard to provide support, advice and software solutions which will enable our clients to navigate though this challenging period.  Our booking systems are flexible and adaptable - and most importantly tailored to your specific business - allowing us to respond to rapidly changing requirements quickly and effectively.
Our commitment to our clients:
  • Keep our current services running as usual - the small, dedicated team at Angelfish are always on hand to provide advice and support to our much-valued clients, feel free to call us or email us if there is anything you need. 
  • Deliver innovative, cost-effective products and services - we remain committed to developing and evolving our products to help our clients adapt their businesses to the ever-changing circumstances.
  • Stay informed - as always the team at Angelfish are working hard to keep abreast of the latest developments
  • Stay positive - whatever we can do to help, we will do. If we work together we will come through this stronger.
For more information on the work that Angelfish are doing to help our clients adapt their websites, booking systems and software to meet the challenges of the coronavirus outbreak click here.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will my Angelfish services continue as normal?

Yes, during this period Angelfish will be delivering our usual high levels of service. Angelfish has always been a work from home business, so we are able to continue providing a seamless service to our customers. If you have any questions or need to contact the team please get in touch.

Should I keep my website and/or booking system live?

The simple answer is yes, whilst your guests cannot book to come and stay with you right now, many people will already be thinking about breaks for later in the year and during 2021. Your online booking system and website remain a vital part of your business for allowing you to communicate with your customers and them with you.

I need to alter the deposit rules on my booking system, what should I do?

Your Angelfish online booking system is very flexible and allows you to set deposits based on a set amount, a percentage, a per person and a per night basis, so you can easily change your booking rules to help provide your guests with more confidence regarding advance bookings. If you need assistance with making any changes to your booking system please do get in touch.

How do I ensure that any guests who have postponed their booking can rebook at a later date?

Angelfish have introduced a new deferred booking function for our Angelfish online booking systems, which allows your guests to rebook online using their previous booking reference number. Contact us today for more information about our deferred booking system.

What should I do if I’m struggling financially and worried that I can’t pay my Angelfish invoice?

We are a small business so we fully understand how difficult things are financially at the moment for many of our clients. However, to ensure we can continue to provide our services we have to charge and issue invoices as normal, especially because we are providing services that are vital to the infrastrucure of your business, such as website hosting, email services, domain renewals and booking systems. In order to keep services running we have to pay our suppliers who provide these essential services to us. We do, however, appreciate that some of our clients may be waiting for grants and other government funding, so if you have received an invoice from us but find yourself struggling to pay right now, please call or email us, we are a small friendly team and we are here to help wherever we can. By talking to us it helps us to manage our own business more effectively and ensure that we can maintain normal service levels for you and for all our clients.
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