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Phase 4 – Deployment

Ensuring quality and launch success

Once the software has been developed, it goes through rigorous testing to identify and rectify any issues. The testing phase is twofold, involving testing by Angelfish (Alpha Testing) and by you (Beta Testing). This ensures that the software not only functions properly but also aligns with the requirements you specified at the outset of the project.

At this point the software is then deployed and goes through a two week period of Live Testing and we typically ring-fence approximately 10-15% of the budget to cover the costs of the Beta and Live Testing  phases of the project. 

Once the deployment period is over, the software is declared launched. Subsequently, all further programming support and development work are separately chargeable under our support and maintenance programme.

Angelfish outputs during this phase

  • Data migration.
  • Final deployment URL and administrator access details and privileges.
  • Integration with current website (if required).

Client input during this phase

  • Data exported from any existing system that you wish to migrate to your new bespoke software system.
  • We ask you to make yourselves availble to spend time testing and using the system, and providing us with a written list of any identified system errors or fixes.

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