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Phase 2 – Specification

The foundation of your project

Once you've committed to the contract with Angelfish, your software development journey commences with the specification phase, which is the cornerstone for developing bespoke software, ensuring alignment between the client and the development team.

During this phase, we work closely with you to thoroughly define the project brief, ensuring we've covered all your requirements. We value your input, encompassing your ideas, goals, and expectations, and providing our technical expertise on what's feasible and how it can be achieved. A precise specification serves as the blueprint for the project.

The more precise the specification, the smoother the development process will be. The specification not only guides the development process, but also forms the basis of our contract, reflecting our interpretation of your requirements based on our discussions.

We start this phase of the software development process once you have committed to working with us as this is where our expertise, experience and skills really starts to come into play.

During this phase we outline the system architecture, consider the key data interactions, look at user journeys – of both the public facing system and the back end admin system. We also outline and agree design look and feel and identify the critical parts of the system, and any nice to have features that may be considered should budgets allow. We also consider any data migration requirements from existing software and work out how much budget needs to be allocated to this.

Angelfish outputs during this phase

  • Functional specification document.
  • Project plan with key milestones and deployment dates.
  • Risks, areas of uncertainty and mitigation.

Client input during this phase

  • We will usually ask you to attend a couple of hour long sessions to talk through the system architecture and  answer any queries we have about how your business operates and the key functions of the software. We will need you to commit time to working with us during this crucial phase and its important to note that any agreed deadlines can only be met if both parties commit to attending these meetings within a few days of the contract agreement being finalised.

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