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Phase 6 – Evolution

Software that grows with your business

Bespoke software should not remain static. The evolution phase focuses on enhancing the software over time to meet changing business needs and industry trends. The evolution of the existing features or development of new functionality may be based on requests from you or recommendations from us.

When a new requirement is identified the software development process begins again with phases 1 (Discussion) and 2 (Specification). Each new feature or enhancement is costed and presented to you as a separate project so that you can decide which improvements you wish to pursue and budget accordingly. 

Once you have decided to proceed with the project we go through the remaining phases of the software development process (phases 3-5).

Phase 1 - Discussion  |  Phase 2 – Specification  |  Phase 3 – Development  |  Phase 4 – Deployment  |  Phase 5 – Support  |  Phase 6 – Evolution