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Phase 3 – Development

Crafting your software solution

With the project's specifications defined and approved, the development phase begins.  This is where your bespoke software solution is meticulously designed, coded, and brought to life. The Angelfish team transforms the specifications into a functioning software product.

We grant you early access to our development and testing platform, enabling you to witness the software taking shape and provide your feedback, suggestions, and ideas. A well-structured and organized development process is critical to ensure adherence to initial specifications and the elimination of errors. Regular communication remains essential to address any changes or concerns that may arise during development.

Angelfish outputs during this phase

  • The prototype system will be developed within a cloud-based enviironment and you will be given access to the public and back end interfaces at an early stage of the development.
  • Regular updates by e-mail.
  • Telephone/video meetings to review the system.

Client input during this phase

  • We will ask you to attend regular development meetings (usually weekly or fortnightly depending on the development timescales) during this phase.
  • We ask you to make yourselves availble to answer any email questions that we have in a timely manner to ensure that development deadlines remain on track.

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