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Latest Innovations

The team at Angelfish are dedicated to working closely with our clients to help them face the challenges that many businesses face on a daily basis. In recent times the global COVID-19 crisis has created an exceptionally challenging business environment for all of our clients and during this period Angelfish have been working hard to provide support, advice and software solutions which have enabled our clients to navigate though this difficult period.  Our online booking and software systems are flexible and adaptable - and most importantly tailored to each specific business - allowing us to respond to rapidly changing requirements quickly and effectively.
Below are some of the areas we are currently working on:

Booking system reports

Angelfish have developed a series of online booking system reports to provide you with information on cancellations, future stored bookings including any deposits retained, future forecasting based on past bookings etc.

Deferred bookings management

It is important for our clients that as many of their own customers as possible can hold their bookings and re-book for a later date when restrictions on social interactions have been lifted.  We are adapting our systems to make if easier for you to hold and re-schedule bookings and for your customers to re-book their dates - online or offline - without suffering any financial penalty.

Special offers and extras

Our booking systems can be customised to allow you to promote special offers and sell extras at the time of booking, many of our clients will be using this function during the coming months.

Ticketing systems

Angelfish is working closely with a couple of key clients to develop a ticketing system for event companies and destinations which will allow them to closely control the number of visitors each day by asking them to pre-book tickets, it will also allow visitors to pre-order food and other services.

Website pop-ups and advice

Many of our clients have chosen to add a pop up or other type of link to their website with information to help and support their customers. For example, you may want to provide further information on your cancellation policies or to show potential customers the measures you are taking to protect against coronavirus.

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