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Lettings management

Established in 2000, Red Ridge Residential is a family-based letting agency offering a wide range of student accommodation and professional lettings in Newcastle upon Tyne. Their portfolio includes house-shares, houses, flats and apartments ranging from one bed to nine bedrooms.

Client brief

The client approached us as their existing off-the-shelf property management system simply wasn’t able to meet their evolving needs. With over 100 properties in their portfolio, they needed a system to help them manage letting agreements, tenancies and tenant relationships, inspections, landlord relationships, repairs, invoicing, suppliers, compliances and certifications, and payments. The software is currently not public facing, but going forward there is likely to be a requirement for both tenant and landlord portals.

Software functionality and application

  • Administrator logins and permissions
  • List of properties and key details such as address, property type, number of rooms
  • List of Landlords, contact details, number of properties and monies owed/owing
  • Letting Agreements name of landlord, name of property, start and end dates, status, management fee, tenancy fee, void days and payment day.
  • Letting agreements including property, landlord, tenant, start and end date, status, number of tenants, rent amount, tenancy and charges
  • Supplier list
  • Inspection visit
  • Schedule Invoices, remittances and payments
  • Compliances, certifications and testing schedules/alerts

Angelfish comments

Red Ridge had a complex requirement, which had previously been partially met by dedicated off-the-shelf software. Luckily, our extensive experience in the sector meant that we already understood the key data structures required, so we were able to deliver powerful software that can continue to evolve as the lettings business grows. Keeping up with changing legislation and obligations is always a challenge in this sector, but our close working relationship with the client means that we are always on hand to assist with recommendations and further programming to meet any emerging requirements.