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Since 2008 Angelfish has specialised in the development of online booking systems and bespoke software for a variety of businesses across the UK. Angelfish systems are chosen and valued by our clients for their ease of use, high levels of customisation and reliability.  

Many business owners recognise that off-the-shelf software can't always meet their precise needs -  it can be costly to pay for a whole suite of software when in reality you only actively use a small part of it and sometimes efficiency and clarity can be lost when you have to shoehorn your business into the limited parameters of existing software.

And that's where Angelfish can help, by developing close collaborative partnerships with our clients our small team of experts really get understand their business goals and develop products and services which meet their needs and fall within budget.

Angelfish will work in partnership with you to develop and deliver systems tailored to your precise requirements, whatever your needs contact us today.



We commissioned Angelfish to develop a bespoke property management system completely tailored to our business needs. The resulting system continues to surpass our expectations. The service provided by Angelfish is excellent - we always get a fast response. Paul is a resourceful, reliable and talented programmer, but remains easy to communicate with.

Kirun Dhesi, Senior Partner
Altwood Group
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