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Angelfish Terms and Conditions (T&Cs)

At Angelfish we pride ourselves on supplying excellent products and are committed to delivering the highest standards of customer care and service. We will always do our best to fulfil your needs and meet your expectations, but it’s important at the outset that we clarify the commitment we are making to each other, along with detailing the way we work and what’s included and what’s not included within the scope of the project proposal that we have given to you.

Our General T&Cs are applicable to all our clients and depending on the type of project our Website Development and/or Booking System & Bespoke Software T&Cs also apply.

Please take the time to read all relevant T&Cs and contact us if you have any queries.

General T&C's  •  Website Development T&C's  •  Booking System & Bespoke Software T&C's

Booking System & Bespoke Software Terms & Conditions

By accepting the booking system/ bespoke software development project propojsal provided by Angelfish Software Ltd (Angelfish), you (the client) are committing to be bound by the following terms & conditions (T&Cs). These T&Cs are specific to booking system / Bespoke Software development projects and they supplement our General Terms & Conditions, which also apply.

Providing a quote based on your initial brief

The quote we have provided is based on our assessment of the programming work required to fulfil your brief. The quote includes exact details the programming work that will be supplied by Angelfish. Please ensure that you read the quote thoroughly, as the list of work detailed in our quote forms the basis of the contract between us. Any changes/ additions to quoted list of work may result in additional costs. See our General T&Cs for further information regarding ‘accuracy of quote/ additional charges’.

Fulfilling the initial brief

Your initial software development or enhancement project brief will be completed over 2 phases:

1. Development phase

We will consult you throughout the development process to ensure that the system meets your expectations.

If during the course of the software development phase you wish to terminate the contract, you must do so in writing. You accept that you will be charged for the work that has been done up to the point of you terminating the contract. Such work will be charged at our standard hourly rate. Angelfish is solely responsible for determining how many hours of work have been completed to the point of termination of the contract.

2. Completion phase

Once the booking system / bespoke software has been completed we will ask you for a final review and test of the System. You will be given a maximum of five (5) days to review the work and give your final approval. If we do not receive feedback from you within this timescale it will be deemed that you are happy with our work and the the final invoice will be issued. 

Once you have reviewed and tested the system, we will allow one round of corrections to repair any genuine programming errors found within the system, if further tweaks are required to the functionality of the system we will provide up to a maximum of one hours programming work to make any necessary functionality alterations. At this stage any major revisions or functionaility changes, beyond one hour of programming work are liable to additional charges at our standard hourly rate.

Once we have received direct, or indirect, approval and sign off for the  we will issue a final invoice for the remaining 50% of the total development cost and any further accrued additional charges. The booking system / bespoke software will not appear live online until the final invoice has been settled.

It is vital at this stage that you spend time making sure you are happy with our work, because once the project goes live online it means that the development stage of the project has drawn to a close. Once the booking system / bespoke software is live online any further revisions to the design, layout or content will be classed as ongoing support and will be subject to our standard hourly rate. Even if you later identify errors or omissions which you consider were part of the original brief, once the booking system bespoke software is live ALL work becomes chargeable at our standard hourly rate.

Other items that ARE INCLUDED in the project proposal costs


Web hosting is an essential service that allows you to post your booking system live onto the internet. All booking systems need to be ‘hosted’ on a server in order to appear live online. The project proposal/ quote includes the cost of hosting of the booking system  for one year from the date the system goes live. 

Angelfish Booking Systems can only be hosted on servers that are approved by Angelfish, it is not possible to move your system to an alternative host which has not been approved by Angelfish.

Content Management System (CMS)

Your booking system will have its own CMS which allows you to log on and update your availability, manage your guests and bookings and generate reports. We will provide you with the website address for your CMS and a user name and password to allow you access. The above quote includes access to the booking system CMS for one year from the date the system goes live. 

Software Licence

The source code used to create the CMS remains the intellectual property of Angelfish Software Ltd. As part of the project proposal costs we grant you a licence to use the CMS and the live booking software for one year, with the option thereafter to renew that licence annually.

What is specifically NOT INCLUDED in the project proposal cost

The following items are specifically not included in the project proposal quote. You also accept that any other items, unless specifically mentioned as being specifically included, are NOT included in the project proposal cost.

Ongoing support charges

Once your booking system has gone live online there will be additional charges, at our standard hourly rate, applied if you wish us to make any further changes to the content, functionality or design of your system, even if you believe those changes formed part of the initial brief. 

To ensure that you remain fully aware of any support charges which may be accruing on your account, when you contact us to request support tasks which are likely to cost over £50 it will be drawn to your attention via email and we will await your approval BEFORE proceeding. For minor tasks costing under £50 we will proceed without providing a quote or seeking further approval from you. If you wish you can alter the ‘prior approval’ figure upwards or you can revise it down to £0, if you would like a quote and prior approval for ALL support charges. If you wish to alter the prior approval figure please email

As standard we issue separate support charge invoices once the charges accrued reach £200. If during the course of the year your support charges are less than £200, the charges will be added to your annual renewal invoice. If you wish you can revise the ‘invoice trigger’ sum downwards to a value of your choosing between £50-£199.

Web hosting, software licence and access to the CMS (after the first year)

After the first year we will send you an invoice which will include an ‘annual renewal charge’ this charge is to cover the cost of website hosting, software licence and access to your CMS for the following year (so annual website hosting costs and access to the CMS are payable in advance by your anniversary date).

Merchant services (Paypal, WorldPay & SagePay)

If your online booking system includes a facility to allow your customers to pay for goods and/or services you will need to create an account with an approved Merchant Service Provider.

The standard quotes provided by Angelfish include the cost of initial integration with PayPal, WorldPay or SagePay ONLY. Our quotes do not include any ongoing costs that may be incurred with maintaining your connectivity to your chosen merchant service provider.

Angelfish are not responsible or liable for any updates or changes that merchant services providers make to their systems or protocols. From time to time merchant service providers may change their systems, which in turn Angelfish also has to revise our system in order to maintain connectivity with the merchant service provider. The cost of undertaking this work is not in anyway included in any previous quote that we have provided to you. We will make you aware in advance of any charges that may be applicable to you in terms of maintaining connectivity with your chosen merchant service provider.

It is your responsibility to set up the appropriate accounts and to provide us with the required information to allow Angelfish to integrate your merchant account with your website. Please be aware that Merchant Service Providers will charge you a percentage commission and/or a fee for every transaction processed – this charge is nothing to do with Angelfish and you are responsible for paying all merchant charges and for ensuring that your website complied with their Terms and Conditions as per your contract with them. 

Please note: Whilst integrating with OTHER merchant service providers not listed above may be possible, it can be very time consuming and therefore can add significantly to the cost of a project. 

If you wish to use an alternative merchant service provider please ensure you discuss this with Angelfish at the briefing stage and that you obtain a quote from Angelfish BEFORE committing to any other merchant service provider.

System error reports

When we receive reports of ‘system errors’, in our experience these are usually caused by inaccurate data or user error. As such, when we receive system error reports which have resulted in such things as double bookings, loss of data, errors in pricing/booking/deposit rules, lost bookings, inaccurate data and omissions or any other type of potential data/user error we will proceed as follows: 

  1. Angelfish will spend a reasonable period of time investigating the issue, up to a maximum of 1 hour. Angelfish are solely responsible for determining what we believe to be a ‘reasonable’ amount of time.
  2. Regardless of how the error occurred, Angelfish will, where appropriate, make recommendations regarding the programming measures which could be put in place to fix the error and/or prevent the error from occurring again. We will provide a cost quotation for the required work. Angelfish are in no way liable for the costs involved with fixing any identified errors or for putting measures in place to prevent similar data/user errors. Any such fixes or measures will only be implemented if you agree to proceed with and pay for the quoted work.
  3. After our preliminary report, if further investigations or reports are required, Angelfish will charge for any time spent at our standard hourly rate. 

Data Backups

The databased are backed up approximately once every 7-10 days as standard. Angelfish only keep copies of the most recent database backup, so we are unable to provide copies of historic backups. If you require a daily database back up please speak with us and we would be happy to provide you with a quote.

What our Clients Say

I have worked in close partnership with Angelfish for many years now. They are very much part of the team at Wigwam® Holidays. From implementing our website vision to developing a bespoke online booking system, Angelfish have always provided an impeccable service. Their input into the business is invaluable.

Wigwam Holidays Ltd
Charles Gulland, Owner & Founder

Having used other seriously big-brand booking software previously - Angelfish was like a breath of fresh air!  The system has proven to be simple to navigate and easy for new team members to 'pick up'. The online booking system has saved office time and is a major hit with visitors looking to visit again and again. I would highly recommend it as the way forward for any camping site.

Oakhill Leisure Ltd
Ron De Raad, Owner

We commissioned Angelfish to develop a bespoke property management system completely tailored to our business needs. The resulting system continues to surpass our expectations. The service provided by Angelfish is excellent - we always get a fast response. Paul is a resourceful, reliable and talented programmer, but remains easy to communicate with.

Altwood Group
Kirun Dhesi, Senior Partner

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