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Website Development

What's included in the website design package?

All websites designed by Angelfish include the following:

  • One design visual of your homepage. Once this has been approved by you we will use the same design concept to create the inner pages of your site.
  • As many additional pages as required.
  • Website hosting for one year.
  • One domain name registration for one year.
  • One email address registration (linked to your domain name) for one year.
  • Access to an internet-based administration area for you to access and make changes to your website.

After the first year there will be certain annual/ongoing costs involved in running your website, which are covered further down the page.

What information do you need to design my website?

It is up to you to provide us with all the contents for your website including text, photos, logos and any videos that you may wish to include.

If you have a strong idea of how you would like your website to look then please tell us and give us as much detail as possible so that we can realise your design vision as accurately and efficiently as possible.

For those clients who would like us to present our own design vision, we will work closely with you to understand your needs and the style of your business before presenting you with one design visual. We are happy for you to suggest up to two rounds of tweaks to this design. However, if you would like us to return to the drawing board and present you with further design visuals or if you wish to make more extensive changes or tweaks then this may involve an additional cost. This is because the quote for your website project includes an estimate of the time that our designers will spend on the task - if your project requires significantly more time than our estimate then this time will need to be charged for separately.

Which website hosting companies do Angelfish use?

We currently use Rackspace and UKFast to provide us with dedicated managed servers ensuring the best levels of security, speed and service.

What are the ongoing costs of running my Angelfish website?

To maintain your websites online presence there are a couple of annual charges, which must be paid in order to keep your website running:

  • Your website must be hosted on a server in order to appear live online. Our current annual hosting charge is £175.
  • Your domain name (e.g.. must be renewed. Most domain names require annual renewal although some last for two years. The cost of domain name renewal is currently £20-30 per year.
  • Any email addresses linked to your domain name (e.g.. must be renewed. We include one email address free of charge for each domain name you purchase but for additional email addresses the charge is currently £20 per year.

Will I be charged if I want to make changes to my website?

Once your website is live we will give you a user name and password so that you can log in to an administration area of your website and make changes to the site contents yourself, if you wish. Access to this administration area is included at no additional cost.

However, if you require our team to make changes to your website for you - whether its adding new pages or editing existing contents then you will be charged for this service. Our current rates are £50 per hour, with a minimum charge of £10. Any support charges of this nature will be logged and you will be invoiced annually in arrears for these charges at the time of your annual renewal date.

For more involved support services, such as redesign work, that are likely to incur support charges over £50 we will quote you in advance to gain your approval before proceeding.

Online Booking

I'm keen to have an availability calendar on my website, but I don't want people to book online is this possible with the Angelfish system?

Yes, Angelfish offers three different levels all you have to do is pick the service that you are comfortable with

Availability Calendars & Checkers
Just display availability allowing visitors to see which rooms you have available on any given date. This offers visitors instant feedback on your availability cutting out unnecessary enquiries and leaving you in total control of the booking process.

Booking Requests
The next step for those that want to allow some level of online booking but still wish to have the final say in confirming bookings is to allow visitors to make online booking requests. Angelfish offers a range of options to allow visitors to select individual rooms or room types, each of which can be shown with a full description, pictures and pricing options. Booking requests are sent to the accommodation provider by email it is then up to the provider to contact the visitor to confirm the booking and arrange payment.

Full Online Booking
Our full online booking solution allows you not only to confirm bookings automatically as they are received, but to also collect a deposit payment through a payment provider such as PayPal, WorldPay or Protx/Sagepay. you can set up the system to accept a fixed deposit amount, a percentage of the overall booking value with an optional fixed minimum or the cost of the first night.

Does it cost more to use the full online booking option?

No, your annual subscription remains the same price regardless of whether you just have an availability calendar display or use the full online booking service. (Although please be aware that your payment provider may charge you a commission to process payments).

Is it true that you do not charge any commissions on bookings processed via the Angelfish system?

Yes, it is true! Angelfish charge an upfront purchase price in the first year and then a fixed annual subscription fee from year 2 onwards there are no commissions to pay on any bookings made via the system. Although it is important to note that your payment provider (e.g. Paypal, WorldPay) may charge you a commission for processing payments.

Can I install Angelfish Desktop on more than one computer?

Yes, you can install your Angelfish Desktop product on more than one computer however, unless your computers are networked and you purchase the Angelfish network module then you will have to update your bookings on each computer seperately. If you wish to access Angelfish from a few different devices then you may be better to purchase Angelfish Cloud which allows you to access your Angelfish product from any device with internet access.

I want to access my Angelfish calendar from my mobile or tablet, is this possible?

Yes, if you want to access your availability calendar and Angelfish system from any mobile or tablet then the best product for you is Angelfish Cloud.

I have downloaded my existing Angelfish desktop product onto a new computer, how do I upload my latest availability information?

The first thing you need to do is make a copy of your existing Angelfish database. You can do this by opening your existing Angelfish system and going to File > Save Database As and then saving your database onto a memory stick.

On your new system you can then plug in the memory stick and go to your newly downloaded version of Angelfish and go to File > Load New Database and then select the file saved to the memory stick.

What payment merchants are compatible with the Angelfish system?

Angelfish is currently integrated with PayPal, WorldPay and Sagepay payment systems.  Other payment providers can be integrated subject to cost and timescale

What our Clients Say

I have worked in close partnership with Angelfish for many years now. They are very much part of the team at Wigwam® Holidays. From implementing our website vision to developing a bespoke online booking system, Angelfish have always provided an impeccable service. Their input into the business is invaluable.

Wigwam Holidays Ltd
Charles Gulland, Owner & Founder

Having used other seriously big-brand booking software previously - Angelfish was like a breath of fresh air!  The system has proven to be simple to navigate and easy for new team members to 'pick up'. The online booking system has saved office time and is a major hit with visitors looking to visit again and again. I would highly recommend it as the way forward for any camping site.

Oakhill Leisure Ltd
Ron De Raad, Owner

We commissioned Angelfish to develop a bespoke property management system completely tailored to our business needs. The resulting system continues to surpass our expectations. The service provided by Angelfish is excellent - we always get a fast response. Paul is a resourceful, reliable and talented programmer, but remains easy to communicate with.

Altwood Group
Kirun Dhesi, Senior Partner

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