Angelfish Desktop

Our original Windows PC based booking system is priced based upon the size of your establishment.  The purchase price includes the first year's subscription to the online booking service, thereafter the annual subscription is payable in advance. Prices are inclusive of VAT and include support costs.

Size of Establishment Purchase Price Annual Subscription Actions
1 - 5 Rooms £300 £150 Purchase  •  Renew my subscription
6 - 10 Rooms £400 £200 Purchase  •  Renew my subscription
11 - 20 Rooms £500 £250 Purchase  •  Renew my subscription
21 - 30 Rooms £600 £300 Purchase  •  Renew my subscription
31+ Rooms £700 £350 Purchase  •  Renew my subscription

For owners wishing to use the system for multiple properties, discounts are available on these rates for the additional properties. Alternatively, you might wish to consider our Angelfish Cloud system.

You can download a free 30 day evaluation version of Angelfish Desktop here

Angelfish Cloud

Our cloud based customisable online booking system is normally priced according to the requirements of your business.  Prices would typically range from £1,000 - £2,000 for the initial setup and first years subscription with an annual subscription thereafter varying from £400 - £800.  The initial setup cost would be quoted based on our understanding of your requirements.  Any additions to this specification either during the setup or at any time subsequently would be quoted separately and subject to your approval before proceeding.

The above costs include hosting, maintenance and basic support of your system.  However, we recognise that because Angelfish Cloud is an individual system tailored to your needs, certain clients may have additional support requirements.  These would be chargeable at our standard hourly rate once your system is live and might include, for example, adding photos or updating pricing and minimum stay rules on your behalf (should you not wish to do this yourself). As above, we would quote in advance for non-trivial support costs (e.g. items in excess of £20) and these costs would be added to your account, paid in arrears at the end of each year.

Angelfish Bespoke

Our bespoke systems are fully customised to our clients needs and embrace a wide range of potential applications.  We therefore need to consider each customers requirement separately and provide a fixed price quote plus yearly subscription and support charges based on these requirements.  Please contact us if you are interested finding out more and we would be happy to speak with you.


Additional T&Cs

Upon deployment of the initial system there is a 90-day period during which errors identified by Angelfish or the client will be rectified at no additional cost. Any errors identified outside of this timescale which require fixing will be chargeable at our standard hourly rate. This only applies to errors in the original system. Additional functionality or a change in requirements after the original brief are not classed as errors and will be charged accordingly. 

Upon deployment of any chargeable update or fix there is a 30 day period during which errors identified by Angelfish or the client will be rectified at no additional cost. Any errors identified outside or this timescale which require fixing will be chargeable at our standard hourly rate.

What our Clients Say

I have worked in close partnership with Angelfish for many years now. They are very much part of the team at Wigwam® Holidays. From implementing our website vision to developing a bespoke online booking system, Angelfish have always provided an impeccable service. Their input into the business is invaluable.

Wigwam Holidays Ltd
Charles Gulland, Owner & Founder

Having used other seriously big-brand booking software previously - Angelfish was like a breath of fresh air!  The system has proven to be simple to navigate and easy for new team members to 'pick up'. The online booking system has saved office time and is a major hit with visitors looking to visit again and again. I would highly recommend it as the way forward for any camping site.

Oakhill Leisure Ltd
Ron De Raad, Owner

We commissioned Angelfish to develop a bespoke property management system completely tailored to our business needs. The resulting system continues to surpass our expectations. The service provided by Angelfish is excellent - we always get a fast response. Paul is a resourceful, reliable and talented programmer, but remains easy to communicate with.

Altwood Group
Kirun Deshi, Senior Partner

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